Premiere Royale Wedding Photography Package

The Premiere wedding package is all you need to create memories that will last a lifetime.

From £1250.

Imagine having your dream wedding captured in meticulous detail, every moment frozen in time to be cherished for years to come. Our premiere wedding package is designed to cater to every aspect of your big day, ensuring that no detail is missed. With enough space to accommodate up to 200 guests, this package is our most popular option. So whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, please get in touch today.

What’s included

Don’t miss the candid moments.

If you are after candid moments and do not want to miss them, our package is perfect for you. It captures candid pictures of real moments, without any poses, just genuine reactions on your lovely day. I take photos in a way that’s like a quiet observer, making sure me and my assistant don’t interrupt the natural flow of your wedding. This means I can capture real moments without guests posing or noticing I’m there.

Bride, groom, and bridal party with forest in the background outside Keele University.

Before Your Special Day

Before your big day, we will contact you early in the planning process and offer advice based on our experience. We will also do a lot of background checks to ensure that everything is perfect, including the venue, lighting, and other details. We will even bring examples of prints that come included in the package to show you what they look like when put around the house. We hold the photos over a 12-month period, so if you want more prints or a wedding photo album in the future, we can provide them.

Capturing the Emotions

Think of when your cousin got emotional, or your child did something funny, or everyone is just having a great time on the dance floor – those are the moments I catch. They’re not planned or fake; they’re genuine and happen right there at the moment. So, with this package, you get photos that feel real and let you look back on those special times with a smile.

Emotional moment as groom tears up.
Bride and groom captured in a loving kiss from a unique angle

Best of both worlds

Our standard wedding photo package includes one photographer and an assistant photographer, which ensures that every moment is captured in the best possible way. This allows us to have access to additional lighting, move the lighting for optimal conditions, and have an extra pair of eyes to capture every moment. It provides more coverage and ensures that nothing is missed. You will receive more photos with this package than with the starter wedding photography package.

Reserve Your Package

Don’t miss out on this amazing package that’s our most sought-after wedding photography suite! The dates for this fill up faster than lightning, so it’s time to act fast and make your booking today. If you have any questions or want to reserve this package for your special day, get in touch with me right away!

The Ultimate Wedding Package

Looking forward to the wedding of your dreams? Look no further than our Ultimate photography package! Not only do we capture all the important moments, but we also offer some amazing additional features that you won’t want to miss. We are dedicated to creating stunning memories that you can cherish forever. Trust us to make your special day unforgettable!

Ultimate Wedding Photography Package

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