Ultimate wedding photography package

Your special day deserves nothing but the best, and we are here to provide just that.

From £1950.

This wedding photography package is ideal for couples who want comprehensive coverage of their special day. Our 12-hour service starts with capturing moments of both the bride and groom getting ready and continues to cover the first dance and beyond. We strive to capture the essence of your special day, ensuring that you have amazing memories to cherish forever. With this package, we aim to showcase your wedding in the best way possible.

What’s included

Capture All This & More

I understand that a lot of time and investment has gone into choosing your ring, venue, cake, wedding dress, and décor. You undoubtedly want to showcase these elements in the best light, preserving them in a meticulous style that you’ll remember for years to come. Our wedding photography package allows you to capture all these details and more. Prior to your special day, our communication allows me to find out more about your unique journey, noting down essential aspects and significant events. These personalised details will be thoughtfully woven into the final images, ensuring that your story is beautifully reflected.

2 Seasoned wedding photographers

This package includes two seasoned photographers. The beauty of having 2 wedding photographers is

  • More high-quality memories
  • Another perspective to tell your story
  • Designated photographer for the bride’s morning prep and one for the groom’s morning prep.
  • 2 different angles capturing expressions of 2 parties at the same time.

This is especially useful if you are at different hotels or households, ensuring coverage for both.

Custom slideshow

A custom slideshow to enhance your guests’ experience. Most wedding venues have TV screens and projectors for multimedia purposes and decoration. You can share some important events in your story with them. For instance, a slideshow can contain your personal media, such as photos of how you met, your pre-wedding photoshoot, and other important memories. We can provide this slideshow to both you and the venue beforehand, ensuring that everything runs smoothly on your special day.

Bride and groom captured in a loving kiss from a unique angle

Custom Wedding Album

You have complete control over your custom wedding album. From the materials to the colours and content, everything is tailored to your liking. And with my assistance, we can create a beautiful and memorable album that will last a lifetime. The high-quality materials used will give your album a premium look and feel, and during consultations, I will bring samples for you to see and touch. With our collaboration, we can turn your vision into a reality.

Drone Photography

An excellent addition to comprehensively capture the context and surroundings of your special day. For instance, if you wish to cherish the venue, the drone can capture beautiful scenic shots with the venue in the background or provide a spectacular overhead view of the entire group. At Royale Weddings, we have the expertise to execute this discreetly at carefully chosen moments. This truly showcases the beauty of the venue, offering a unique perspective that adds to the overall richness of your wedding memories.

*Please note: Subject to venue owner permission for drone photography.

Reserve Your Package

We highly recommend that you plan ahead and secure your desired date for this package, especially if your special day is on a weekend, during the summer or involves travel. We are always eager to assist you, so please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible for availability and to make your booking.